Mar 21, 2015

A couple of photography challenges

A month or so ago I was invited to join a photography critique group and I jumped at the chance. Winter is not my fav season, and I don't take many pictures. I know I needed a push to get my camera out again to play. I welcome critiques of my work, it does not scare me. . if it's done right. There is a fine art to it and it can be a wicked good learning curve.
Anyhow, there has been two since I joined. The first is
'Mother Nature's Beauty' Here were my 3 submissions.

Titled 'The Arbo's Crescendo'

Titled 'Nature's little water bowls'

Titled 'Dressed to Kill'  

The second challenge allowed me to put on my thinking cap. It is my perception of what I want to portray for the theme.

Challenge #2- 'Home is where the Heart is' -here were my 3 submissions.
The last one was of my grand daughter 'sick' home from school at my house while her mother went to work. Suffice it to say what happens at Namie's stays at Namie's. On an aside, I had trouble with the shadows on her face due to the placement of the sun , as well she was going heck bent for election on the swings. The egg photograph refuses to show itself as it's supposed to be, a lot whiter and brighter. Oh well. 

Titled: 'The pulse of a home beats within the heart of a kitchen'

Titled: 'Where the pin lands the heart follows'

Titled: 'Sick day w/ Namie'

Mar 10, 2015

Musings of This, That and Other Things

Out of the mouth of babes:
A discussion my 7 yr old grand daughter is having with me about training dogs and her plans for having many of them.
(until recently she and her momma lived with us since she was born)
Beah: Yup, I'm going to have many dogs and train them and this is how I'm going to do it. < a 20 minute long one sided animated conversation followed> It ended with her saying she was going to move back in my house to do it.
Me: Beah, you know full well we have 2 dogs and we're not getting anymore.
Beah: Oh don't worry, Namie, I already got that covered. I'm going to wait till you move out or pass away.

I want to order a case of dictionaries that solely hold the definition of this word. I want to walk up to deserving people and SMACK! them upside the head with said books then the imprint of the definition permanently on their forehead. Oh and afterwards they can keep the book courtesy of me. :-)
Not that I'm violent. . much.

The Karma Bus:
Yeah, she's slow at times but she does come when she's supposed to.
Is it wrong of me to take such enjoyment out of that thought?
Bahhh don't bother answering, it's a rhetorical question.

is golden. . till your dog lets a SBD (silent but deadly) one rip and drives you out of the room. Then it's a) ruined the definition and joy of the word and b) the peacefulness of the next three hours is gone while you try to forget that unholy smell. How is a scent like that even possible?!?

I won't smoke the stuff myself but I would like to try the concentrated oil stuff. I think it would help alleviate some pain in the ass symptoms associated with the menopause thing along with helping to righten my sparkling personality when it starts going sideways. ( a wee bit of sarcasm. I have nowhere near what is a 'sparkling' personality. . I'm no pollyanna but then again I don't bite either. )
I'm out of luck, it's illegal where I live and am told it's hard enough to come by.
Sigh. Oh well, wine it continues to be. ;-)

Flip Flops:
The minute I see the last snowflake melt is the very second I slap those puppies on. I'm sick sore and tired of bending over to put on boots,hikers or runners.
It takes 2 secs to slip into them and I'm out the door. Who the heck wants to bend down all the time to put on stupid footwear? Not I. Even my slippers are flip flops.
Yup. Level of laziness:

Out of the mouth of Jackasses:
"Albertans need only look in the mirror to find out who's responsible for the current financial woes"
Politicians: Can't shoot them because well. . it's illegal.

'Nuff said.
( and yes, I will complain about the heat in the dead of summer )

Feb 17, 2015

This,that and a wee bit of the other.

It's been forever since I've taken the time to gather the wool in my head and shape it into something resembling cohesive thoughts.
If it starts unraveling I might start rambling. Or mumbling.. . as long as I'm not drooling, right?
If I do start, drooling that is, be sweetheart slap a bib on me and leave me on my own planet till I zone back in. I come back. . eventually.

It's been that kind of day. Two steps forward, one back. Two forward and down on my ass I go. I don't know about you but I've reached the stage that laughing at myself when I trip and fall is far easier than berating myself.
After all I've only done it a few gazillion times already.

See?  I totally went off on a ramble. Ha ha    Hello, I'm back. ;-)

Cohesive thoughts. .

I was perusing some peeps on FB. Ahh bloody facebook. . .  a right time robber that site sometimes isn't it?
I had a little bit of it to kill yesterday. It's amazing how little time I actually have given I don't work outside the home. It drives me batty some days.
Uhoh, yup. . rambling. Back to point, Jamie.

So. .peeps/fb. Where the hang was I going with this??
Oh yeah. . I made the remark to myself that some people I know are quite lacking in ummm depth.
I find the news they share rather stagnant and repetitive. Same stuff, different day. While I like to expand my horizons, I understand it might not be for everyone but come on. . step outside your comfort zone. Try something new, like maybe uhhh talk about someone other than yourself? Try something other than selfies?  No, I really mean it. Please enough with the selfies already.
Perhaps show your warts a little because we all know how perfect a facebook life is. ( read: B.S. )
But then who am I to tell you what to do. It is your fb after all and if you want to be flat and two dimensional then I guess that's your prerogative.
Sigh.  but it's just it makes you so, how shall I put this. . yawnnn.
Feel me?

Do you have inner monologues with yourself?
I do. ALL. the. time. Most actively when I'm fighting with myself NOT to wake up in the morning. Let me tell you, it's quite the argument that ensues when I gain a sliver of consciousness.
I give myself shit, I try to tell myself to shut up already but as I often do I don't listen.
I know. . frustrating right? Try being inside my head. On second thought, don't. You probably wouldn't be able to handle my thoughts and my processing them.
I'm not kidding.
Sometimes, however, my inner monologues are of great help. Especially when I'm dealing with the bottom of the gene pool, it's a knee jerk reaction to reach down to the depths of their levels and push them down further. After a good quick talk with myself most of the time I manage to just roll my eyes and walk away. Yup those pep talks have gotten me out of trouble many a time. Ha ha Whew!
However, in the spirit of full disclosure and to keep it real I have sunk down once or ummm twice ;-)


It's now over 2 yrs since that awful day I turned 50. I hid from the world, I moped in my bedroom for the better part of two days, I cried buckets & rivers then cried some more. It was not a good time and I sure as heck wasn't going down without a meltdown of epic proportions.
All what I went through all these years and I am slapped in the face with this awful number??  Even now looking at the '5' and the '0' together makes me cringe a wee bit BUT I can tell you that overall it rocks,more than I ever thought possible.
It's a wickedly freeing age and I hope it crawls by very slowly. (it probably won't).
Gone are the days where I give a rat's ass what another thinks of me. Gone are the days where I need to be a certain weight (menopause took care of that one)  Gone are the days where I take offence to being called 'Ma'am' or the young 20 something little uhh lovies looking at me like I'm washed up or from an alternate universe. Ohhh little honeys , I know so so much more than you.
I live more freely, laugh more readily and make my life what I want it to be, not what others dictate for me.
I eat more of what gives me pleasure, strangely enough that includes healthy stuff. But I've learned to slow down and pay homage to that rare mountain of fries I'll have on occasion. Right to that last one.
But best of all. .?  Auntie Flo took her permanent leave. Yup, go back and read that again. Muahahahha Life starts after she gets good and gone, I promise you.

Yup it's freeing at this stage of the game. And free I shall be because truly? Life starts after 50.
You just wait and see.


That's about all she wrote for this time, folks. See ya all in the funny pages ;-)

Jan 28, 2015

I'm centred and ready. Bring it.

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Take a moment to look at that number. Sometimes it looks amazing and other times, like now, it looks strange. Futuristic almost.
But it is what it is, proof that time marches on. Quickly at that.

I just turned another year older but I did it here:

To an Aquarian being beside any body of water lends to a re-birth of sorts. We find strength and purpose there. An almost mystical healing of one's soul.

So to this year and come what may, bring it on. I'm ready.

Dec 14, 2014

Theatre Etiquette went right over her head

A word to the COW at the theatre.
1- Like you I paid very good money for these seats to the Nutcracker, hosted and performed by our very own ballet company.
2- You are tall and errr 'big boned' so your big head blocked centerstage and with the weaving and bobbing you were doing, talking to your son and daughter none stop you managed to block 75% of the entire stage for me.
3- I very politely informed you of that percentage causing me to be unable to enjoy or see most of the first half.
Your apology was accepted. I thought that was the end of that.
4- WHY in the world would you wait till intermission and all the lights are on to lose your shit on me?? Do you realize where you are in a theatre full of well dressed people. Grant you I wasn't dressed to the nines but it doesn't make me any less classier than them but a whole lot more than you. Raising your voice and picking a fight with me was low ( read: NO )   class and it makes me wonder if you've ever been to a theatre before. . ? I guess the saying 'you can dress them up but you can't take them out ' applies very much to you.
4- I asked you twice in a very low voice if you were sure you wanted to take me on right here right now to which you answered in a resounding 'Yes' and continue to beak off some more till I told you to shut the hell up. You, Madam, and understand I am using the term loosely, were a complete embarrassment.
5- Furthermore added to the embarrassment was your entire family jumping on board and telling me I'm the one who had a problem and they were going to talk to the head usher.  I understand they were backing you up but they were not privvy to the whisper I politely ushered in your ear when you stopped bobbing long enough for me to be able to do so. Talk about group mentality. However, I'd have ALL their hearing checked, they seem to have been unable to hear you beaking off non stop and loudly.  
6-Wonderful lesson you've showed your children on how to behave in a theater. Understand the sarcasm within that statement. And speaking of lessons might I suggest you take some lessons on etiquette, of ANY kind, for I believe you are in desperate need of some.
7- A glass of wine later finds me sitting in the lobby unable to go back in for my want to SMACK you upside the head is greater then the want to see the rest of the show. Given the level of need for such temporary satisfaction, you have no idea how thankful you should be. I refuse to get bailed out of the clinker by lowering myself to your no class level. You are welcome, you little shit. I do have a sneaking suspicion you are sitting in the seat in front of my empty one with a smug look on your face and smirking. Enjoy but I will enjoy the karma bus when it makes a stop in your neck of the woods much much more 
Lump of glossy coal your way, Cow. The kind covered in goat shit. That stuff smells like your personality.