Apr 4, 2014

It takes a special kind of . . .

To pass through the back alley with a backhoe, bucket down, early in the morning when the ice/snow has frozen over from the overnight temperature nosedive. My town's tax dollars at it's best.

Self entitlement
to pull a u turn just before a light, to which yours was red. You made everyone wait because it wasn't a u-turn, it was a four point effing asshole self entitled 180 turn.

Not to bring your cart back to it's holding pen at the grocery store but rather leave it right in front of the driver's door of the car beside you. May the doors of every car held together by duct tape within a 100 mile range park really close beside you.

To bring your world down to one 'subject'. To not explore outside your box. Creativity stilted. You become a mere one colour and one gets tired to looking at the same shade all the time.

To continually take and not give. Or is this ego I wonder?

And some just don't have it. Despite the effort. Again is this ego I wonder?

Of self esteem to constantly seek attention. Why? Why does one need it so? Not the kind of attention that sustains and allows one to learn either. The shallow meaningless kind, the fluff. Sorry but I refuse to buy cheap seats to your show.

Not to reach out and throat punch many people that fit the above categories. Yes, I agree, I should be commended. ;-)

Feb 8, 2014

Happiness and GAS in Photography terms

Sometimes you come across a written piece that pulls, tugs and feels like it was written for you exclusively.
This is such a piece. Written by a very talented photographer but it can apply to all of us on many levels.
He's a refreshing change from the competitive cutthroat business that is photography. He calls a spade a spade however, admitting he can have a thin skin at times.
He's just such a real deal.

***  I discover “flow” when I am out shooting on the streets. When I am shooting, all of the problems of my life disappear. *** - Eric Kim

Oh yeah. . . Me.

Eric Kim on Happiness and Street Photography

For those of you who suffer from that painful GAS issue
GAS relief! 

Feb 3, 2014

The Wedding Crasher

As in Me.
Yup, I did and I scratched it off my bucket list! 

The Happy Couple ( I felt bad for her, it was cold that day! )

Aww can you read the love in those hands :)

What was with the dress? Was she trying to outdo the bride???
The bride, the maid of honour and Ms 'Cookie Sheet Camera' lady. Geeeeze, it was in my way ;-) 

But alls well that ends well.

Jan 20, 2014

A few random pics.

I'm not saying I like winter, not by any stretch. But sometimes it can be. . okay. 
This is Winter's 'Dad' and her 'Brother'. Winter is a beautiful Husky with piercing blue eyes I come across at the dog park all the time. Today, she was shown up neatly by the ridiculously cute hats Dad and Bro were sporting. How awesome can this pair be. .  Kudos Dad.  :-)  

I felt SO bad for this fellow. He was caught between four 20 something females (2 in front, 2 in back)  who were gossiping. Very loudly. ( Geezus, they were a vicious bunch., nasty and mean, whoa!)  He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. Ahh what we do for our coffee fix. Sorry, Buddy,  I promise you they grow up. Eventually.  :-/

Yeah, this isn't Charlie that bit my finger. It's graceful me who had a wipeout worthy of a 7 second Vine video but OH well, no one was around to tape it. (so like the proverbial tree in the forest with no one there, did it really happen hmmm?)  I figured I could pull a Chuck Norris by stopping my fall with one finger, cause if he can do it damnit so can I , right? Yeah, not so much. Seems I need more training, Chucky baby.  (Btw appreciate this post, typing's a bitch)

Someone wake me up when winter's over. I'm making like a bear and hibernating for the rest of it. If you dare enter my lair, bring coffee.
Or wine.
Or take me away to somewhere tropical. I've got a temporary hate on for all who post pics of warm places and sunny beaches. I dislike each and everyone of you till I hear you complain about the cold. Then I'm smug and hope you feel the cold glide along that gorgeous tan and grab you by your ass.

Jan 10, 2014

For Today

For Today

Outside my window... if I shut my eyes tight I can bring up images of green grass, bright sun and long lazy warm summer nights.  Oh puulleassee don't make me open my eyes. . I'm in my happy place :-p

I am thinking...
I kinda l o v e having the house to myself. How often does this happen? Watch me, I probably jinxed it, frack. 

I am thankful for...
ok, this will be self serving but holy mackerel! I've been blasted SO sick lately . I'm thankful for not being in the throes of that wicked bad flu that came a knockin' not too long ago. I felt so so badly for my husband as he's hardly ever sick save for a cold now and then. He couldn't believe how much he was hurting. But ! he soldiered on. Kudos to him :) 
From the Kitchen...
I went out today and stocked up on fruit and vegetables. With the flu, we threw out so much good foods because eating only happened to ward off starvation. It''s pricey to eat healthy. 

I am wearing...
well DUH, yoga pants paired with big fat fuzzy pink socks, a black tank top ( I can't decide if I'm hot or cold ) and a head of  wild crazy hair.
#curly hair girl problems. 

I am creating...
nothing. BUT I'm either going to pull out my calligraphy set I got for Xmas or I'm going to go for a nap.
I'm undecided.  
I am going...
to perhaps saunter over to my local library, it's been a while. I love the 'sounds' of a library; the swishing pages of a book someone's perusing, the 'quiet' atmosphere, the vast amount of knowledge at one's fingertips. Yeah. . I just might do that today.

I am reading...
the number on the scale. Then I'm putting it away for three months. Yeah, it's only a number but I need a starting point to chisel away at. Can't say I like it much but hey, it's time to pay the piper.
. . .Now to put that stupid thing away. ugh

I am hoping...
this year will be full of surprises, adventures and more 'me/us/we' time. Much more.

I am hearing...
weekend noises. They are different than Monday to Friday noises. Everything starts later, nothing is rushed. There are no early morning gunning of engines, no honking horns from impatient drivers car pooling, no alarm clock going off next door with the neighbour slow on the take. I vote on the latter.Yeah, I hear it every. frikken. morning.
But best of all, I have the whole freakin' house to myself. Boo YA!

Around the house...
I wish I could fling open the windows wide and hear signs of spring. So close yet so far. But like the turtle, it'll get here eventually. I'll just hang on to that thought.

One of my favourite things...  
is feeling body parts starting to tighten up. Last year was a complete wash and I can't believe I let it go to that degree. What can I say except that I am but a mere human.
#lessons learned.

A few plans for the week...
I'm starting to research the best espresso machine available. I've never owned one but my husband loves espressos and I'll gladly embrace the caffeine jolt. :-)   

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing...

To help you along your way.
you're welcome :-)