Jan 20, 2014

A few random pics.

I'm not saying I like winter, not by any stretch. But sometimes it can be. . okay. 
This is Winter's 'Dad' and her 'Brother'. Winter is a beautiful Husky with piercing blue eyes I come across at the dog park all the time. Today, she was shown up neatly by the ridiculously cute hats Dad and Bro were sporting. How awesome can this pair be. .  Kudos Dad.  :-)  

I felt SO bad for this fellow. He was caught between four 20 something females (2 in front, 2 in back)  who were gossiping. Very loudly. ( Geezus, they were a vicious bunch., nasty and mean, whoa!)  He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. Ahh what we do for our coffee fix. Sorry, Buddy,  I promise you they grow up. Eventually.  :-/

Yeah, this isn't Charlie that bit my finger. It's graceful me who had a wipeout worthy of a 7 second Vine video but OH well, no one was around to tape it. (so like the proverbial tree in the forest with no one there, did it really happen hmmm?)  I figured I could pull a Chuck Norris by stopping my fall with one finger, cause if he can do it damnit so can I , right? Yeah, not so much. Seems I need more training, Chucky baby.  (Btw appreciate this post, typing's a bitch)

Someone wake me up when winter's over. I'm making like a bear and hibernating for the rest of it. If you dare enter my lair, bring coffee.
Or wine.
Or take me away to somewhere tropical. I've got a temporary hate on for all who post pics of warm places and sunny beaches. I dislike each and everyone of you till I hear you complain about the cold. Then I'm smug and hope you feel the cold glide along that gorgeous tan and grab you by your ass.

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  1. Jamie Darling, I'm revelling in it here, missing out on one of the worst Ontario winters in years and years. Kudos to you for sticking it out and even going outside to get photos!


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