Jan 10, 2014

For Today

For Today

Outside my window... if I shut my eyes tight I can bring up images of green grass, bright sun and long lazy warm summer nights.  Oh puulleassee don't make me open my eyes. . I'm in my happy place :-p

I am thinking...
I kinda l o v e having the house to myself. How often does this happen? Watch me, I probably jinxed it, frack. 

I am thankful for...
ok, this will be self serving but holy mackerel! I've been blasted SO sick lately . I'm thankful for not being in the throes of that wicked bad flu that came a knockin' not too long ago. I felt so so badly for my husband as he's hardly ever sick save for a cold now and then. He couldn't believe how much he was hurting. But ! he soldiered on. Kudos to him :) 
From the Kitchen...
I went out today and stocked up on fruit and vegetables. With the flu, we threw out so much good foods because eating only happened to ward off starvation. It''s pricey to eat healthy. 

I am wearing...
well DUH, yoga pants paired with big fat fuzzy pink socks, a black tank top ( I can't decide if I'm hot or cold ) and a head of  wild crazy hair.
#curly hair girl problems. 

I am creating...
nothing. BUT I'm either going to pull out my calligraphy set I got for Xmas or I'm going to go for a nap.
I'm undecided.  
I am going...
to perhaps saunter over to my local library, it's been a while. I love the 'sounds' of a library; the swishing pages of a book someone's perusing, the 'quiet' atmosphere, the vast amount of knowledge at one's fingertips. Yeah. . I just might do that today.

I am reading...
the number on the scale. Then I'm putting it away for three months. Yeah, it's only a number but I need a starting point to chisel away at. Can't say I like it much but hey, it's time to pay the piper.
. . .Now to put that stupid thing away. ugh

I am hoping...
this year will be full of surprises, adventures and more 'me/us/we' time. Much more.

I am hearing...
weekend noises. They are different than Monday to Friday noises. Everything starts later, nothing is rushed. There are no early morning gunning of engines, no honking horns from impatient drivers car pooling, no alarm clock going off next door with the neighbour slow on the take. I vote on the latter.Yeah, I hear it every. frikken. morning.
But best of all, I have the whole freakin' house to myself. Boo YA!

Around the house...
I wish I could fling open the windows wide and hear signs of spring. So close yet so far. But like the turtle, it'll get here eventually. I'll just hang on to that thought.

One of my favourite things...  
is feeling body parts starting to tighten up. Last year was a complete wash and I can't believe I let it go to that degree. What can I say except that I am but a mere human.
#lessons learned.

A few plans for the week...
I'm starting to research the best espresso machine available. I've never owned one but my husband loves espressos and I'll gladly embrace the caffeine jolt. :-)   

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing...

To help you along your way.
you're welcome :-)


  1. I hope you visited the library ;-) (from the Librarian)

  2. My Momma was in charge of 6 or 7 libraries up untill recently. I've always had a love of them, Karen :)

  3. Hope your family recovers well and soon. We were fortunate to miss the bug that circulated in our circles this season. I got a zentangle book and pen set I'm anxious to use. Today I collected sea glass on the beach in Alicetown. Life is good.


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